Britonwood is a private Limited Company established in 2000 and based in Liverpool. Britonwood has helped businesses find more possibilities in packaging.
We manufacture any paper sack for any application, customising everything from package design to branding to print. The result is a complete bespoke package creation service, designed to suit your product, your business and your budget.
And because we know you can only deliver the best to your customers when your products reach them in perfect condition, we only use the finest sack kraft paper, sustainably sourced in Scandinavia, manufactured solely in the UK, and delivered fast, wherever you are in Europe.
We work with you to protect the environment, reducing the paper your packaging uses, sending waste to recycling plants, and ensuring all our inks are solvent-free.
Whatever you’re manufacturing next, package it with Britonwood.

When your people have more than 40 years’ experience in paper sack manufacture, you learn how to do the things others can’t.
That’s why, when our clients have projects other manufacturers decline, they know they’ll find the answers at Britonwood. We love a challenge. We relish the unusual. Sometimes that means complicated print processes or unique numbers and barcodes for every bag we produce (popular with the confidential waste sector). Sometimes it’s cleverly reengineering your packaging to reduce costs without affecting integrity. And sometimes it’s producing the right paper sack for a more competitive price.
We can do all of this because we don’t just manufacture – we create. We’ve always got a new patent in the pipeline. That’s just one of the reasons we’re grade 1 certified by the British Retail Consortium Global Standard for Packaging.
Whatever you need your packaging to do or be, trust Britonwood.